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Where are we?

The Scouts meet at:

The Scout Hut
Station Road
MK45 1JT
Meeting Times
Ruxox Scouts
Mondays - 19:15 to 21:15

Joey's Scouts
Fridays - 19:15 to 21:15

Due to our active programme, we often meet outside of these times as well.

News & Blogs

Scouts Go For Gold!
22/10/2021 By Simon Baldwin

The Chief Scout Gold award is the is the highest award a Scout can earn. To complete it, Scouts need to complete all nine of the Challenge Awards, plus six Activity badges.

The nine Challenge Awards are all about stepping outside your comfort zone, trying something you wouldn't normally be interested in, taking the lead and, along the way, unlocking hidden talents and stand tall. These include:

  • World Challenge Award
  • Skills Challenge Award
  • Creative Challenge Award
  • Outdoors Challenge Award
  • Adventure Challenge Award
  • Expedition Challenge Award
  • Teamwork Challenge Award
  • Team Leader Challenge Award
  • Personal Challenge Award


Following some successful expeditions in the summer, Group Scout Leader Darren Reeve attended Ruxox Scouts to award 4 Gold Awards, and also attended Dauntless Explorer Scouts to hand out Gold Awards to Scouts who had since moved up to Explorer Scouts. 

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Blog | Group Activity Day 2021
20/06/2021 By Simon Baldwin

Flitwick Scout Group held their Group Activity Day on 19th June 2021. COVID rules prevented a usual 100+ young person strong camping weekend, instead over 100 members of Flitwick Scout Group attended with their section for a number of Scouting activities. 

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts took part in a variety of Scout activities such as archery, backwoods cooking, orienteering and songs round a campfire. For lots of young people, they were trying things they had not done before. 

"Thank you all so much for organising such a fun-filled day. We are so grateful for all your hard work. The children loved it!"

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Blog | Scout Christmas Light Trail
16/12/2021 By Simon Baldwin
Scouts Craft Activity

This past Monday, Ruxox Scout Group did a short hike... with a difference. For this hike, one of the Scouts planned the route herself for the rest of the troop to follow.

The route goes around Flitwick and tours a selection of Christmas Light displays, so best done when it is dark! Instead of following the route using a map and compass, this route is followed by using the What3Words app to find out where each place is! On top of that, there is a quiz to do at the same time! (Quiz questions are based on the lights so will only make sense while decorations are up)

The Good, the Bad and the Twinkly Climate Change Quiz:
    1. Easton Road - cheaper.corrode.awakes
What number is this house?
    2. Avenue - intention.daisy.romantics
How many Christmas trees?
    3. Roman Way - applies.vacancies.streaks
Where is the Grinch and what is he doing?
    4. St. Nicholas Close - gender.laminate.looks
Who is cold?
    5. Brookes Road - scarecrow.workshops.lodge
How many days until Christmas?
    6. High Street - digitally.spill.cosmic
When are they on sale?
    7. High Street - entitles.mammals.pizzeria
Who are in the windows?
    8. Windmill Road - plunge.reprints.tests
What animals shadow is on the wall?
    9. Rosebay Close - clinic.sweetener.bumps
Which animal is by the door?
    10. Eagle Drive - spurted.walls.younger
Who is next to the snowman?
    11. Severn Close - zone.diver.moving
How many penguins are there?
    12. Hawk Close - inefficient.sage.beyond
Who is driving?
    13. Kestrel Road - toads.years.stitch
Who is sitting by the door?
    14. Dunstable Road - script.example.notifying
What is poisonous?
    15. Swan Pub - courtyard.apart.choirs
How many lights are in the tree?
    16. Barclays Bank - slimmer.establish.chew
What can you win?
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Blog | Halloweekend Camp
31/10/2021 By Simon Baldwin

At the end of October 2021, Scouts at Flitwick Scout group had the first camping night away since March 2020. The camp was split into two: a group of 6 older Scouts did a long hike, camp and cook as part of their Expedition Challange award, and other Scouts had a camp with a slight Haloween theme. 

As it was the first nights away for over a year, a lot of the camp focused on core camp skills. Scouts were split into 3 camp patrols to work with over the weekend. First thing to do was to put up the dining shelers! Scouts worked in their patrols to do this, and then moved on to pitching their tents and preparing lunch. 

The afternoon consisted of 3 different activities; axe & saw, building zombie proof shelters in the woods, and covering all the important parts of what to do while camping (packing your bag, what to do in case of accidents etc). 

As it got dark, the wood chopped during the afternoon was used to light 3 fires to cook 3 different meals in a "cauldren" (i.e. dutch oven). This ended up with 3 very tasty different meals to choose from (vegetable stew, BBQ chicken and bolognaise). 

After dinner, Scouts gathered around the campfire for campfire songs and toasted mashmallows, before a quick game of manhunt and then into their tents to sleep. 

Strong wind the following morning had us all taking down the tents and shelters a little earlier than planned, but all taken down in good time (of course the Sun then came out nice and bright for us!). 

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Blog | Summer Expeditions 2021
29/07/2021 By Simon Baldwin
Seventeen of our Scouts have just completed a two-day Expedition in three groups independently from their Leaders. 
After a hike through the countryside with all of their equipment, they set up camp and organised themselves an evening meal. On Day 2 (after cooking some breakfast!), they chopped wood, cleared down their camp, completed various other activities and hiked again to the pick up point. 
Prior to the Expedition, each group had to plan a route, organise their kit, decide on their meals and convince their Leaders that they could complete the two day adventure by themselves.
Expeditions are a great opportunity for the Scouts to demonstrate their skills, work as a team and have lots of fun.  The Scouts had a great time and really enjoyed themselves. 
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